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When he meets Toothless, he begins his jo... berk; hiccstrid; hiccupnightfury +11 more # 2. ... In this fanfic, Hiccup was taken by dragons instead of Valka. ... +7 more # 6. Triple H by 1ReadingPanda. 90 2 3 "I'm so... LEAVING." Alternate httyd/rtte plot line where Hiccup Horrendus Haddock did indeed flee before he "got to kill the dragon ...

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Astrid urges Stormfly to follow as they skim lower over the water, approaching the dark silhouette of Berk's docks. They fly up, and carefully land out of sight behind the Dragon Master's abode. Astrid watched as both dragons were ushered inside, and Hiccup turns to bid her good night.Here is the first chapter of the dragons nine realms/transformers. They never said what date this was thank you and I never said in the HTTYD movies. so let's play it by ear and guess the year itself. I'm guessing it's somewhere in the future but for a polar bear still exist so that's a good sign.Even Hiccup, who was the smartest leader Berk had ever had, was too curious for his own good. As he got ready to pack up and go, his dragon began nudging him. "Sorry Toothless but we can't fly there. The other chiefs might not be used to all… this." He said, motioning to the dragons. "Don't worry though. 6 Nov 2018 ... Modern AU – T-rated – sequel to 'I should go'. Just when Hiccup and Astrid make plans for their shared future, Hiccup's past comes back to haunt ...After 12 years of neglection, name-calling and bullying. Hiccup the muted, emotionless 15 year old is training to kill a dragon but meets a Night Fury. As Hiccup aces his training, he is chosen to kill a Monstrous Nightmare.But he decided to leave. After 8 years, Hiccup knew he would inevitably return to Berk.

Astrid: [Cuts Hiccup off; excited] TO MAKE YOU CHIEF! Oh, my gods! Hiccup, that's amazing! [Punches him hard in the chest] [Hiccup's fin pops out. Hiccup grunts and Astrid laughs.] Hiccup: [winds the fin back into his flight suit] You're gonna wear out the spring coil. The calibration is very sensitive! Hiccup nodded vigorously at that.

Follow/Fav HTTYD past, present, and future watch HTTYD with a fun twist. By: Romine 5 life. ... On the same day 18-year-old Hiccup, his beloved Astrid, Fishlegs, Heather, Dagur, Snotlout, Ruffnut and Tuffnut along with their dragons Toothless, Stromfly, Meatlug, Windshear, Triple Strike, Hookfang, Barf and Blech are taken by the same blinding ...

1 Jan 2015 ... Hiccup had grown so much since their last meeting years ago, but so had Dagur. The Hooligan boy came up just past his shoulder, all gangly limbs ...The Grinch (2018) Fanfic Recommendations. Ice Age. Proof that the remaining 10% is worth flying for here: These are recommendations made by Tropers for How to Train Your Dragon Fan Fics, all of which have to be signed to stay on the page. Feel free to add a fanfic of your own to the list, but ….Hiccup's eyes widened as he realized what he had just done. Snotlout lay on the ground, groaning as he held his nose, blood oozing down his face. "That was incredible." Ruffnut stated. The crowd around them started to mumble and gossip about what had just happened. Hiccup started to feel claustrophobic, he needed some space, he needed to breathe.Post HTTYD 1 One shots - As the teens get to know Hiccup better, they learn about many of his unusual quirks, most of them quite surprising to the group. ... "Meet back here in one hour if you're not too much of a coward to duel." With that final remark, Hiccup strode out of the arena, Toothless right behind him. ... While watching the future ...Chapter 1-Prologue. Hiccup was being raised up on the shoulders of the villagers after being declared the person to kill the Monstrous Nightmare. "Great! I'm so...excited." He said with fake enthusiasm. The mob carried him to the Great Hall, where he got away from his "adoring" fans. He walked to his house, his feet dragging in the dry dirt.

Hiccup asks as a form of greeting when he steps into his and Astrid's bedroom after a long day of chiefly duties around New Berk. He doesn't hide his smile when he sees the sight in front of him. Astrid, his gorgeous wife who is in her eighth month of pregnancy, is seated on the center of their bed, with their three-year-old daughter, Zephyr.

Viggo says and Hiccup lets out a soft laugh hand curling over Toothless's head as the Night Fury growls lower. "You think I'm going to let you take Toothless." Hiccup realizes and meets eyes with the Grimborn with a venomous look on his face. Viggo clasps his hands together, "Not quite. I know you're going to let me take your dragon, Hiccup."

Adventure Romance Hiccstrid. 20 years has past since Hiccup made the brave decision to let all the dragons go live in the Hidden World. Now Hiccup and Astrid, along with their two kids live peacefully on New Berk. Now the kids are young teens and curious then ever. Much like their father.Hiccup Haddock The prince of the village after his parents and the villagers escape define a new village. After 20 years Rumpelstiltskin after he was banished from ogre town he found trolls took all of his friends Snotlout, Fishlegs, Tuffnut Ruffnut, Rapunzel he sets out The journey to get his friends back the survivalist Astrid Hofferson on ...It's become a thing in the HTTYD fandom for Valka to have had Hiccup with her when she disappeared from Berk. Like she picks up Hiccup and then Cloudjumper takes her, or perhaps he takes them both, one in each paw. But I think that it should have been done, since Hiccup had the connection before Valka recognised herself in the Dragon's personality.A Dark Secret By: Night Ryder711. The punishment for murder is death. When Hiccup commits the unholy sin, he is cast out, exiled for his crime. All hope seems lost for him. But his Fate is not yet over and now he must face new troubles, new feelings and a new future outside the world of Berk. But can he move on from his troublesome past and his ...Astrid wasn't sure how they were going to explain Hiccup's sudden change to the dragon. But it turns out, he didn't care. Toothless sniffed the frightened boy and decided that, yep, this was Hiccup, he must have just shrunk in the wash. He nuzzled and purred, and crooned. And then licked his face. When Astrid decides to go home after Hiccup is chosen to kill the Nightmare instead of confronting Him, it changes fate. Odin decides to take matters into his own hands and gathers all the dragons and Vikings to watch How To Train Your Dragon, along with the missing heir of Berk and a masked man who claims to be from the future. Sort of AU ...

Maybe being the son of a celebrity was spoiling him. Astrid held back laughter and put her hand over her mouth in a fist. Young Hiccup crossed his arms as they all looked at her. As soon as she walked out of the room, Hiccup and Astrid laughed as loud as ever at what a funny remark that was from their toddler son.Hiccup decided after a second's hesitation, and he and his dragon followed the retreating black figure towards what was sure to be civilization. Astrid gasped in shock. Spitelout dragged her to a new room, and closed it. "Sorry about that. I had to put on a show for your mother. Here, you'll need supplies."As Shiro raised his hand the dragon closed the bond by putting his snout to his hand. "Well now he has a dragon a good one at that maybe a new rival for us Toothless." Hiccup patted Toothless only to get swatted in the head by his tail. " You did it you made the bond." Hiccup said as he walked towards the new rider. Runaway Hiccup Horrendous Haddock III. Multiple Crossovers. Runa Haddock (Female Hiccup) is tired of living in Berk. So she and Toothless decide to leave to go on a journey of discovery. Along the way, they find new lands, make new friends, discover dragons, and fight enemies.Hiccup tilted his head. "You raised him?" he asked. Valka smoothed her hand over the top of Toothless's head. "I did," she said. "He's the same age as you, you know. It made me think of you." Hiccup sidled closer. "Really?" he said. She slid her fingertip over the scar on his chin. "Really," she said. Hiccup smiled, but his face fell in solemn ...

While Hiccup was worrying about Toothless Astrid was thinking about going over to where Hiccup was but decided that for now she would stay on the viking side and watch how things went from there. Hiccup and Kamil were talking about Toothless when they were interrupted by Mala, Throk, and Atali who decided to sit in the middle with Hiccup rather ...

Hiccup tilted his head. "You raised him?" he asked. Valka smoothed her hand over the top of Toothless's head. "I did," she said. "He's the same age as you, you know. It made me think of you." Hiccup sidled closer. "Really?" he said. She slid her fingertip over the scar on his chin. "Really," she said. Hiccup smiled, but his face fell in solemn ...Chapter 1. Hiccup and Toothless were having a day off from teaching at the Dragon Academy as they were at their favorite spot on Berk: The Cove. Toothless was snoozing next to Hiccup, who was lying on the grassy area and looking at the sky. It has been weeks since Ali's arrival, the battle against the Red Death, and Berk changing.Hiccup blushed as he started to suck on Toothless' right breast. Which caused her to instinctively moan loudly. "Mmm, I had no idea having breasts was like this." she smiled hugging him closer against her mound. Hiccup continued to suck as his cock started getting bigger in Toothless' claws, as well as making said Dragowoman's tail wag with ...Leið Astrid and Hiccup's "romantic flight" comes to an abrupt end when the Red Death follows them out of the nest. Following an unexpected and desperate fight, Astrid finds herself stranded on an island, injured, with a crippled and comatose Hooligan heir and his overprotective Night Fury.Looking for a runaway hiccup fanfic. The fanfic was one of those 'Hiccup leaves Berk on httyd 1' AUs. It had many chapters, I remember Hiccup had settled down on another island far away and learned to speak dragonese. At some point Stoick and the others found him again, but they didn't attack Hiccup. The fanfic even showed Hiccup making his ...What the future holds By: CandyKaty And so, he sat there, on the floor, with the dagger above his wrist, ready to end his life. But he never got the chance. A bright light appeared and he was gone. Inspiered by Scorpion6955's story.Restraints. It’s been a long time since Hiccup has felt safe. His life ended about three years ago and has continued down a more gruesome path ever since. That horrible day was the day that Hiccup would lose the first person that he cared for, but it was just the beginning of all that Hiccup would lose.Summary: Four months after HTTYD 1, a visiting tribe comes to renew a peace treaty with Berk, but the chief's son picks on Hiccup. Hiccup's friends notice, and they think it's high time for them to act as true friends. Rating: K-T . Genre: Friendship, Hurt/Comfort. AN: Guess what everybody! Today is my two-month anniversary!

A heap of Icelandic Cod fell out and Toothless bellowed happily and went to eat it. Hiccup looked fondly at Toothless and stroked his back, "It's his favourite fish," he said. "You've done it, Hiccup! You've mended the rift between Berkians and dragons. You've done the impossible," Stoick said.

Hiccup winces and grips his head and he finds himself in the Great Hall with all the villagers on the stone floor all around him. He shakes his head and stands up and rubs his eyes and look to the doors as the creak. "I know" A girl walks through the doors, she was fairly tall and looked to be in her mid-teens.

Meeting Toothless. by: Terrell James. One afternoon in Berk, Hiccup was adjusting to living with a metal leg after Toothless removed it to save his life after that big dragon battle. Toothless and Hiccup were flying through the town and went back to where he first befriended the nightfury. They landed back there for a little while and he gently ...Just before Stoick returns from the search, all of Berk minus Mildew, and all the Nest minus the Red Death, are brought in a room to watch the movie of past and future, and how the war will end. With lots of twists and turns. Movie 1. Rated: Fiction M - English - Humor/Romance - [Astrid, Hiccup] Stoick, Toothless - Chapters: 16 - Words: 163,613 ...Adventure Romance Hiccstrid. 20 years has past since Hiccup made the brave decision to let all the dragons go live in the Hidden World. Now Hiccup and Astrid, along with their two kids live peacefully on New Berk. Now the kids are young teens and curious then ever. Much like their father."Position four, eh, three." Hiccup adjust the pedal and the dragon rises up in the air, away from the sea stacks. Toothless lets out a victorious roar as he can finally get back in the air. Hiccup, looking back at how far down the ground is, instead of being nervous as nature commands, is ecstatic just as much as the dragon. "Yeah! Go baby!"Hiccup winces and grips his head and he finds himself in the Great Hall with all the villagers on the stone floor all around him. He shakes his head and stands up and rubs his eyes and look to the doors as the creak. "I know" A girl walks through the doors, she was fairly tall and looked to be in her mid-teens.CHAPTER 1. Chaos reigned in the Great Hall as Astrid entered through the large entrance doors. "This is a disgrace!" she heard one lady say. "Absolutely!" was the reply. "Imagine not even turning up. This naming ceremony was booked two months ago by my nephew and I know he spoke to the chief only yesterday about it, making the final arrangements.27 Mei 2017 ... " Future Hiccup says and puts his hand around future Astrid's waist. "I am his girlfriend, Astrid Hofferson. Nice to meet you. ... HTTYD 2 which ...So anything you noticed that may have been a mistake regarding HTTYD isn't. Yes I have watched the T.V show as well. Although, there are a lot of things in the t.v. show that obviously do not match up with HTTYD 2 as noticed from the trailer, I can say that I did enjoy the episode called "Portrait of Hiccup as a buff man".Future Us? PassionWriterHJH. 58,742 793 16. (@Speedbreak Could you do a HTTYD time travel fanfic where the characters from HTTYD 1 meet their selves from HTTYD2 ...16 Apr 2015 ... #how to train your dragon #hiccstrid #httyd #hiccup #astrid #caitlin writes things #fanfiction #fanfic #fic #elliottkathy ... future. Like they ...Dragon Child by Firenze Fox reviews. After being chosen by the village Elder to kill the Monstrous Nightmare, Hiccup decides to run. Except then the Fates decide to interfere, and they bring the gods with them. Secrets are revealed, friendships are forged, and families are formed. THIS IS A "WATCHING THE MOVIE" FIC.

How to Train Your Dragon. An Early Morning In Berk By: DisneyFan2002. Hiccup and Toothless have been best friends for five years. One of their favorite moments during these five years is flying together. Flying has always been a passion for them, and they would spend hours of just flying. Since Hiccup became chief, their time of flying together ...Hiccup fell a good hundred feet through the clouds, breaking through the bottom. He continued to fall another two hundred feet, Toothless not far behind him. The water below was fast approaching and Hiccup signaled for Toothless to come closer so they could fly back up. Hiccup attached himself back to Toothless only 50 feet from the water. "Oh wow! Hiccup was facing a blue deadly nadder, holding his hand up as if telling the dragon to stop. The dragon responded with curiosity, turning its head back and forth, making sure to get Hiccup in both his eyes. What Hiccup didn't notice was the tail that slowly raised up and the spikes that flared out.Instagram:https://instagram. pa coyote population mapkfcbarstool cheatingsteven sitlertexoma craigslist missed connections The Dragon Overlord (A Httyd Fanfiction) 83.8K 1.3K 23. When Astrid discovers Hiccup bonds with a Night Fury, she sells them out to Stoick and the rest of the tribe. Barely escaping with their lives, Hiccup and Toothless flea the Barbaric Archipelago to find a new path. Hiccup and Toothless discover the Knights of Ashfeld. 84 lumber milford desb county emacs Hiccup had always thought the gods laughed at him. After a bored Loki teleports Berk and a few more people to a random room in order to 'watch the future' he is certain of it. Plucked from just before trying to tame a Monstrous Nightmare he is not happy. Especially because of the whole technically being a traitor thing.Burden (httyd oc) 8 pages Completed April 21, 2022 Eden's Paradise. How to Train Your Dragon | Reader | Romance Httyd Dragon Oc Fanfic Love Brother Sister. Thyri has always been the forgotten child of Berk. Hiccup, her younger brother, was always watched and cared for because he was weak. commoner dnd 5e 209K 5.9K 15. Toothless has been in love with Hiccup ever since they first met but because he is a dragon, he knows his love is absolutely impossible. He wants to be a human more than... gayboys. toothcup. toothlessxhiccup. +17 more. # 7. A dragons love by toothlessthealphaTTA.Watching the Future Part 1 by Katherine Grace Concio. 14.2K 194 18. A blinding light teleported the HTTYD casts (before Hiccup's final exam) and the dragons and the TFP casts to a theater where they meet a person who told them that they'... Completed. optimusxoc; tfp; jackxsierra +8 more # 17.Beneath the people's feet in Arcadia Oak, there is a secret world. A vast civilization where good trolls live and evil trolls lurk. For centuries, these lands have been protected by one warrior, the Trollhunter. Now a new Trollhunter has been chosen and has the power of a Kamen Rider backing him up.